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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Ghosts of Future Come
How Rena the Riolu and Sage the Snivy Met
A PMD AU Fanfic Thing
A Few Notes: This takes place after Hero/Partner save the world and have moved on from Sharpedo's Bluff so they don't live/work there anymore.
Alternatively, this could be an AU where Hero/Partner failed and Rena comes in possession of the Relic Fragment (that's explained in another file, go read that one if you're interested and/or for reference) which stores the hero or partner's spirit/soul in it.
Regardless, Sharpedo's Bluff is now a tavern/bed&breakfast/5 star hotel of sorts. Spinda has his bar, some Pokemon can stay there, but limited room+lots of noise, not much to do but drink and be merry. So instead “Rena's Tavern” has become more popular because it's quiet, has more room, a large archive that's constantly being built upon because Rena is fascinated with mythical/spiritual stuff and history and books. Lots of books. There's an infirmary and plenty of rooms (remember a Team used to occupy that space fo
:iconfallengreyshadow15:FallenGreyShadow15 0 0
Monster Frisk for CleverCatchPhrase fanfic by FallenGreyShadow15 Monster Frisk for CleverCatchPhrase fanfic :iconfallengreyshadow15:FallenGreyShadow15 0 2 Pokemon Doodles 2 by FallenGreyShadow15 Pokemon Doodles 2 :iconfallengreyshadow15:FallenGreyShadow15 4 5 Blushie Team Chaos Leaders by FallenGreyShadow15 Blushie Team Chaos Leaders :iconfallengreyshadow15:FallenGreyShadow15 0 0
LoZ Wind Waker CreepyPasta Prologue
The sun is bright, shining, a few puffy clouds scattered across the sea blue sky, much like the islands are spread throughout the Great Sea. On the tiny island of Outset rests a small fishing village.
(Camera zooms to a close up of Link's house, outside/front porch) Aryll, with her blonde, pigtail hair wearing a light blue dress with flowers, steps into the sunlight and peeks through her red telescope.
She calls for her brother, "Hoiii, big brother!!"
(Camera pans to Aryll's lookout, Link is sprawled out, napping)
She finds him asleep on her lookout. Link wakes, stretches his arms, and is slightly startled when his sister greets him; he turns to face her.
"'Hoy big brother! I figured you'd be up here sleeping," she says.
Link scratches the back of his head sheepishly, then yawns.
"Don't you remember what day it is?" Aryll giggles, "big brother, it's your birthday!"
(Camera turns and looks behind Aryll, their house in focus)
"Grandma's waiting for you back at the house, she's been waiti
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ScribbleChu by FallenGreyShadow15 ScribbleChu :iconfallengreyshadow15:FallenGreyShadow15 0 0 Chibi Pokemon Doodles 1 by FallenGreyShadow15 Chibi Pokemon Doodles 1 :iconfallengreyshadow15:FallenGreyShadow15 0 0 Facial Expression Practice by FallenGreyShadow15 Facial Expression Practice :iconfallengreyshadow15:FallenGreyShadow15 0 2 Chibi Toon Link Displeased by FallenGreyShadow15 Chibi Toon Link Displeased :iconfallengreyshadow15:FallenGreyShadow15 1 0 Chibi Fluffy Umbreon by FallenGreyShadow15 Chibi Fluffy Umbreon :iconfallengreyshadow15:FallenGreyShadow15 1 0 CuteEevee Practice by FallenGreyShadow15 CuteEevee Practice :iconfallengreyshadow15:FallenGreyShadow15 2 4 Xweetok Practice01 by FallenGreyShadow15 Xweetok Practice01 :iconfallengreyshadow15:FallenGreyShadow15 0 0 Pokemon Trainer by FallenGreyShadow15 Pokemon Trainer :iconfallengreyshadow15:FallenGreyShadow15 1 0 PikaRawr by FallenGreyShadow15 PikaRawr :iconfallengreyshadow15:FallenGreyShadow15 2 0 Pokemon New Johto Trainer Card by FallenGreyShadow15 Pokemon New Johto Trainer Card :iconfallengreyshadow15:FallenGreyShadow15 4 0 Explorers of Sky Trainer Card by FallenGreyShadow15 Explorers of Sky Trainer Card :iconfallengreyshadow15:FallenGreyShadow15 1 0
Just some of my work, either new or from my old account :icongaarasbestbuddy0: :D


REFUSETale [Ch1-U] Page 19 by NiuniuNuko REFUSETale [Ch1-U] Page 19 :iconniuniunuko:NiuniuNuko 125 108 ES: A(pple)ffection! 034 by EStories ES: A(pple)ffection! 034 :iconestories:EStories 262 44 ES: Find Yourself 232 by EStories ES: Find Yourself 232 :iconestories:EStories 344 109 predatorAU- pg 154 by Foxy-Sierra predatorAU- pg 154 :iconfoxy-sierra:Foxy-Sierra 93 34 Failed Genocide AU Pt 26 by KuraiDraws Failed Genocide AU Pt 26 :iconkuraidraws:KuraiDraws 208 56 AtN: The Hooves Twins -  Part 2 by Rated-R-PonyStar AtN: The Hooves Twins - Part 2 :iconrated-r-ponystar:Rated-R-PonyStar 185 26 MLP:FiM - Shadows of the Past #10 by PerfectBlue97 MLP:FiM - Shadows of the Past #10 :iconperfectblue97:PerfectBlue97 100 81 GOTF Issue 05 Alternate Cover by EvanStanley GOTF Issue 05 Alternate Cover :iconevanstanley:EvanStanley 894 160 4.16 PMD: Team Hero by MamaTad 4.16 PMD: Team Hero :iconmamatad:MamaTad 505 127 Reminiscence: Undertale Fan Comic Pg. 36 by Smudgeandfrank Reminiscence: Undertale Fan Comic Pg. 36 :iconsmudgeandfrank:Smudgeandfrank 1,345 444 The Merciful SOULS 88 by Atlas-White The Merciful SOULS 88 :iconatlas-white:Atlas-White 399 45 Snowfall page 51 by taggen96 Snowfall page 51 :icontaggen96:taggen96 194 52 Flowey Is Not a Good Life Coach - Chap. 5, page 11 by fluffySlipper Flowey Is Not a Good Life Coach - Chap. 5, page 11 :iconfluffyslipper:fluffySlipper 304 49 Waking Nightmare 112 by IBB Waking Nightmare 112 :iconibb:IBB 17 9 Horrortale Comic 42: Internal Struggle by Sour-Apple-Studios Horrortale Comic 42: Internal Struggle :iconsour-apple-studios:Sour-Apple-Studios 766 573 Dash Academy Chapter 7 - Free Fall #24 by SorcerusHorserus Dash Academy Chapter 7 - Free Fall #24 :iconsorcerushorserus:SorcerusHorserus 773 135


At first, the title and the first few lines didn't seem to make sense to me. As I went along, however, the message became clear as crys...


Been awhile since my last update :meow: I've been busy though :XD: Practicing my digital art and refining my writing skills. Ok, the latter is debatable, but still~ :iconpika-happyplz:

I'm debating on whether or not I should re-type/rewrite my dream journal and turn it into a story of some sort... :iconpikahmmplz: Obviously, I might/probably would change certain names, locations etc if they happen to reflect those of real people/places~ And it wouldn't be too personal or anything. :iconpikaoooohplz: Also, it'd have plot, twists, and cool characters, but at its core it would be the same idea I had originally. :iconpikaohwowplz: Um, that makes sense right? OH! Can't forget all the details~! :D It'd be plentiful and descriptive!

Of course, I probably would end up either a) not updating as often as I'd like; b) give up trying to translate the nonsense that my brain thinks up; or c) I would never really start it :iconpikaohgodplz:

So what do you guys think? Also, it may come with pictures, maybe (if I can get more practice in with using my tablet and paint tool sai) ^^;

:heart: ~Journey~ :heart:
  • Listening to: Vocaloid English covers >w>
  • Reading: Fanfictions, Yaoi, and Tumblr x3
  • Watching: Twitch streams :3
  • Playing: ~Pokemon ORAS~
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  • Drinking: Hot chocolate~ ^o^ Yummy yum :3


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Journey the Hedgehog :3
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
My name is Journey, and I love my Oniichan(as others say, Oniisan) :heart:

I mostly just write poetry, but sometimes when I'm bored and inspired enough, I'll write a short story about me, my big brother, my friends, or my OC's(rarely though) ^^; Now that I have Manga Studio Debut 4/Paint Tool SAI and a fancy tablet, Imma be practicing drawing cute things, like Pokemon~ :iconcuteraichuplz:

I'm usually very friendly, but serious when it comes to certain things, such as my Master or my big brother, as they are both very precious to me. :iconilikeitplz:

My favorite things... Don't feel like typing all that right this moment..

I guess that's about it, feel free to ask questions or befriend me; I don't bite, don't worry >:3 I'm almost always on dA, or at least have a tab open for it~ :heart:

That's it now I guess.. :icondragonshyplz:



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Yeah, DA is my main base after all~

And hopefully there will be updates soon. I gotta finish up commissions before I continue the story.
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Take your time! I'm excited to see what happens next~ ^_^
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